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Cheese! :D

Art by my friend, RoCatr88 :3


Hiromi's here to save Hana from Banshee! O: What am I gonna draw for Hiromi and Banshee's confrontation?? (Hana will still be tied up and present in both options~) 

294 deviants said Draw the aftermath of the fight! We wanna see the loser tied up already!
194 deviants said Draw a scene of their fight! It's about time we saw their powers!


Hiya guys! :3 Sorry for the delay on announcing the contest winners >A< I'm falling behind on a lot of things lately... but I've slowly been getting to them (including those art trades I've been putting aside for far too long D: )!

Anyhoo, to start things off, I just wanna say thanks to everyone who entered! :) It was fun seeing everyone's drawings and I had a really difficult time choosing the winners!
So now without further ado, here are the winning drawings of each category! :dummy:

:iconravenor11:Failing challenge
For their creative peril scenario of the chains dragging Ella into the cage as she struggles for the keys (in vain) >w<
Such a fun idea that looks great too! Nice attention to detail! :3

:icongreatagreement:GET THE F@#k OUT!!!
There's just something about Leu's amused expression that makes this one so fun to look at XP
I get a little giggle every time I look at it! XD

:icongaggeddude32:Hana Kidnapped -Commission
Hana's face as she turns away slightly from the camera, the tight bindings, her angry smiley, everything comes together so well! :D She looks soooo adorable! >////<

:iconkagyakusetsu:Nocturnal Imprisonment
Getting to see Hiromi tied up is something that doesn't happen often enough >w< let alone seeing her in a different outfit! She looks surprisingly adorable as a vampire >w< and her expression adds to the cuteness!

:iconnivek15:Sharing Bond
What a great 'bonding' moment for the two best friends >w< eheheh (bad pun...)
Having them share Ella's scarf, tied together, and with Hana's expression on both her face and her 'speech' bubble... it's cuteness all over! ^w^ 

And with that, those are the winners for my first contest! :dummy: Thanks again for everyone who entered! And remember, just because I didn't pick your drawing as a winner, doesn't mean I didn't love it. :3 I loved each and every one of the entries, and hope you all had a fun time drawing them! :)

To the five winners above, I will be sending you a note asking you about what you want me to draw for your free drawing :3 but for now, I'm sleepy.. and I have classes again in the morning >A< so for now, congratulations to you! And I'll be in touch shortly :3


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My second dA account to focus more on DID stuff. :dummy:
My other account is for fan-art and other non-DID projects involving my OC's.


Wanna ask my characters questions? Their AMA's are still open! :3

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''I'm So Sorry''
Part 1: ''Look At Me When I Tie You Up''
Part 2: ''We're Just Getting Started''
Part 3: ''After All...''
Part 4: (You're here :3)


As Deirdre described it, Hiromi's hair reminded her of the night sky, while her eyes burned bright like fire. They were fierce, yet were very soothing to look at... like a campfire in the night. And so, the nickname, 'Campfire', stuck with her.
Hiromi wanted to create a nickname for Deirdre in return. Since her hair was a vibrant red hue and she was a little older than Hiromi, she thought of a nickname similar to hers but greater in scale. And so, the nickname, 'Bonfire' was given to Deirdre. 
The two children spent as much time as possible together while they resided in the orphanage on the outskirts of town, and in time, they grew inseperable. Hiromi gained another sister in the form of Deirdre, and vice-versa.
Whenever Hana wasn't sleeping, Hiromi and Deirdre would take care of her together and would all play together as well. Once the tot shut her eyes, the two would sneak out and explore the nature around the orphanage, dreaming of a better, more fulfilling life on the outside. The two decided that they would leave on their own with Hana when they got older, and that they would always have each others' backs. Such a life would never come to be...
One day, while defending the meek Deirdre from some bullies, Hiromi stepped in. Without thinking, she subconsciously activated her Omnivoyant powers for the first time, projecting fire towards the group of bullies. When Hiromi came to, she saw that many of them were badly burned, and she was shocked and incredibly distraught by her actions. Deirdre looked on in surprise, and while she was also concerned for her bullies' health, she was amazed at what her best friend was able to do. She looked at Hiromi in awe, but Hiromi responded by breaking out in tears and running in the opposite direction. Deirdre wanted to chase after her, but she couldn't leave the injured kids all alone...
When Deirdre finished helping tend to their injuries, she hastily returned to Hiromi's and Hana's living area, but they were no where to be seen. None of their belongings remained either, and Deirdre feared the worst.
Lying on the ground near the entrance was a single sheet of paper, with handwriting that Deirdre recognized immediately. She knelt down to pick it up.

"I have to figure out what's happening to me. Please understand. I can't risk hurting you.
I hope we'll meet again someday out there... You'll always be my best friend, Deirdre. I'm so sorry.
Love, Campfire"

Tears began dripping onto the paper as Deirdre read through the painful words. When she reached the end, she crumbled to the floor sobbing uncontrollably.
She lost another family... but not entirely. Hiromi was still out there... somewhere. Deirdre composed herself and gathered her belongings before setting out on her own to try and find her friend. She didn't know where to start, but she was determined to bring her family back together. One day, she would find them.


Ohhhhhh the feeeeels ;A;
This was super sad to type out, but it's a tragic backstory for a tragic character that I've had in my head for a long time ):
Obviously, bad things end up happening that drives Deirdre down a very dark path, which makes this even more sad ;^;

Anyways, I kinda liked this lil break from bondage drawings to develop a story a bit more >w< twas fun!
Hope y'all like~ :3
''After All...''
Part 1: ''Look At Me When I Tie You Up''
Part 2: ''We're Just Getting Started''
Part 3: (You're here :3)
Part 4: ''I'm So Sorry''


"It can't be..." Hiromi thought to herself as she turned her head to meet Banshee's gaze.
The cloaked woman cut off the remaining cords from her arm brace and crept up close to Hiromi.
"Aw c'mon, what's with that expression? I thought you'd be happy to know it's me~", Banshee jested while twirling a bit of Hiromi's hair. "It's been such a long time~ you didn't forget about me.... did you?"
Hiromi remained in stunned silence.
"Well I never forgot about you! In fact, I never stopped thinking about you! How could I not?" Banshee continued. "After all..."
The cloaked woman raised her right hand and slowly waved it downwards in front of her mask. As her hand passed by, her haunting mask disappeared behind it, revealing the pale face of a young woman.
"..... you were my best friend.. weren't you?"
Hiromi stared at Banshee in disbelief. She was reunited with her childhood best friend, but she's changed so much in appearance and in morality. She lost her beautiful green eyes and curly red hair, both of which were replaced by a piercing black shade. She also had scars crossing over both of her eyes, as if she had undergone some sort of eye surgery in the past... The only feature that remained from her childhood friend were the little freckles that littered her cheeks.
The woman kneeling before Hiromi couldn't be recognized as her old friend any longer. She was with MAVRO. She was an enemy. She had to be stopped. But Hiromi couldn't keep the memories from flooding back. The good times they shared.
"Deirdre.... how could this... why..?"


Her identity's revealed!! O:
This has been a long time comin' >w<
I'll prolly post the full concept page for Deirdre/Banshee at a later point if people are interested XP hehe
Anyways, the story continues!
''We're Just Getting Started''
Part 1: ''Look At Me When I Tie You Up''
Part 2: (You're here :3)
Part 3: ''After All...''
Part 4: ''I'm So Sorry''


Hiromi used her amazing agility and abilities to try and take down Hana's kidnapper, but for some reason, none of her attacks seemed to connect. She tried ranged attacks with her throwing knives, close combat with her two blades... she even tried a variety of stealth tactics that utilized her powers, hoping she could use the darkness of the room to her advantage and ambush her foe. Every strike she thought she landed, however, would end up phasing through Banshee, as if she disappeared into thin air. She would then reappear next to Hiromi and countered with strikes of her own, too quickly for the kunoichi to react.
"Damn it! Why isn't anything working..?" Hiromi thought in frustration as she stood back up from another blow. She glared at the cloaked woman in front of her, breathing heavily from her fighting, and thought of another strategy to just collect Hana and run. Until she figures out what she's dealing with, the best course of action seems to be to ensure Hana's safety and escape together. 
"Don't tell me you're thinking of running..." a voice whispered behind Hiromi. The ninja's eyes widened in surprise. She can see the cloaked woman in front of her... who was speaking..?! As Hiromi began to turn to see who it was, she felt something wrap around her body from behind, followed by a debilitating electric shock.
"...we're just getting started!" the voice finished with a disturbing chuckle.
Banshee was really positioned behind the stunned kunoichi the whole time. She flipped another switch on the whip that was wrapped around Hiromi and sent another electric charge through her. The ninja let out a stuttered cry as electricity surged through her, and Hana tearfully turned her head away from the scene, distraught at the sight of her sister in pain. As the electricity dissipated, Hiromi collapsed on the ground, still conscious but unable to move most of her body. The whip retracted into its hilt and Banshee holstered it on her right thigh. She walked up to her defeated opponent slowly, before kneeling and meeting the ninja face to face.
"I think you might be seeing things... might wanna get that pretty little head checked, huh?" Banshee taunted as she pulled black cords from her arm braces.
Hiromi was helpless as Banshee wrapped cords around her wrists and pinned them to her thighs, before binding her elbows and arms to her body as well. As Hiromi was being tied up, Hana desperately struggled in her own bonds, hoping to escape and help her sister somehow, but it was hopeless, and tears started welling up again.
Hiromi noticed this, and made her own attempts to fight against the cords binding her, but she was still too weak. The kunoichi started shouting in desperation under her mask.
"Hmkmn! Nhh gm mm! Nm jmm lmt hmr gm! (Okay! You got me! Now just let her go!)"
Banshee did nothing but giggle in response as she continued wrapping black cords around Hiromi's legs. Hiromi grew angrier at the humiliation of defeat, and the frustration of being rendered so helpless.
"Hnn-gmn! Lmt hmr gm ym bnnf!! (Let her go you bitch!!)"
"Tsk tsk~ I expected so much more from you, 'romi." Banshee finally spoke as she clutched Hiromi's scarf like a leash. "First, you still wear those pesky masks... I mean, why?! *chuckles* Second, harsh~ It's been what... 10 years? I would've liked to have a nicer reunion between us... but I guess things don't always work out the way we want, do they 'Campfire'?"
Hiromi laid still in shock and her eyes widened. 'Campfire'. Only one other person would ever call her that. She knew who Banshee was.
"It can't be..." Hiromi thought to herself as she turned her head to meet Banshee's gaze.


Oooooooh the plot thickens! ;3
Another lil story that continues the Hana/Banshee story from earlier!
More to come with Hiromi and Banshee soon! :D Hehe

All characters belong to me >w<


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I just want to say I really love your artwork! You have a lot of artistic talent, and to be honest, I'm kinda jealous. I'm taking my first steps in learning how to draw, and it's a little intimidating to see what other artists have to offer (I try not to compare myself to others, but can't help it).

Anyways, I wish you luck in your endeavors and...well...phhh :p
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I'm always up for listening to what others want to see! 
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Magnolia-Baillon Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
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